Launch Day!!

It's launch day at approximately 12noon will no longer be a little seed in our imaginations but will actually be real and will be going live for you to see our plastic free products and toys.

The excitement and buzz that we feel is amazing, after months and months of hard work and research our idea has come to fruition.

We may have stinging eyes and bags under our eyes that you could put a week's shopping in from sleepless nights getting everything ready and looking after little people. However, it has been all worth it!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us; all our family, friends and to our amazing children little feet and twinkle toes who without them we would not have had the Idea and motivation in the first place 💓

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do . If you have any feedback or questions on our products or website please let us know and email us

Much Love

Holly and Joe

PS- We think there are a few typos in the written text on the website, wrote with sleepy eyes methinks! We are working on changing them when we see them ;)

Jonathan Berger
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