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We were so excited when  we found these bubble wands that we bought some for our little people straight away. I had been searching for a bubble wand not made from plastic and made from sustainable materials for a long time. We were using a lot of bubbles in our household as my little people love them and they are a fabulous sensory item to be used both indoors and outdoors and I love the look of wonder on their faces when they see bubbles.


We are very pleased we are now stocking these wonderful bubble wands that allow children to explore and partake in this wonderful sensory activity without contributing to landfill and due to the design and quality they are also an item that lasts for a very long time, which is great as children of all ages seem to love bubbles! ( and the odd adult too ;)


This includes 3 bubble wands and a wooden dish ( the wands unfortunately don't make shape bubbles only circular bubbles but are lovely colours and textures for little hands to feel)


They are made from sustainable beech wood and stainless steel.

Bubble liquid is not included but the wonderful designers and manufacturers at kiko+ & gg* include a bubble liquid recipe.

star W144xD60xH20mm

circle W144xD45xH20mm

tray W152xD83xH25mm


These are designed and made by the wonderful designers at Kiko & gg* as part of the kiko+ collection

Why this item is ecologically sound.

These Amechan wooden bubble wands are made from Beech wood which is from a sustainable resource and are painted using non toxic dyes.

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