Kiko+ Dongri - Acorn Mini Spinning Tops


This adorable little trio comes in the colours of green, silver and beech They not only act as spinning tops but also come with a snazzy silver cord so you can make your own accessories and help your little one with their threading skills. The set includes a large sized toy with the kiko&gg logo, a medium one with stripes, and the cute small one with dots. 

Each set contains 3 pieces

C: Green,Silver,Beech 

beech wood

Size: 155x86x35 mm

Weight: 64 g


These are designed and made by the wonderful designers at Kiko & gg* as part of the kiko+ collection.


Why this item is ecologically sound.

These Dongri acorns are made from Beech wood which is from a sustainable resource and are painted using non toxic dyes.

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