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Mame Ohagki means "bean" in Japanese. This is a set of wooden beans with a small bowl and chopsticks. They can be used like building blocks by piling them up, lining them up (side by side), or arranging them by colour. A good way to practice using chopsticks and great for dexterity and finger training to help children build up the muscles they need for writing. The beans can be used to teach children how to count, simple addition, subtraction and division.

So many uses for Mame Ohagki mean that this is a toy that will allow the exploration of many senses and cognitive abilities.



100 mame ohagki (beans)

A set of wooden chopsticks

A bowl

A denim pouch

A cotton bag


Beechwood, cotton

Size: 230x70x200 mm

Weight: 330g


These are designed and made by the wonderful designers at Kiko & gg* as part of the gg* collection.


Why this item is ecologically sound.

All the wood used in this item is from beech wood which is from a sustainable resource and it is painted using non toxic dyes.

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