Organic Wool Squares


These are hand knitted wool squares, they are all knitted from beautiful and soft organic wool. These are the perfect size squares for little hands and provide both a lovely soft texture and beautiful soft pastel colours to compliment your baskets and other items.

They also provide a lovely imaginative item, the wool squares in our household are currently being used as blankets for farm animals ;)

You can order the following colours:


Dark Rosa

Common Lilac


Baby Turquoise

Size 10cm x 10cm


Why this item is ecologically sound

The wool we use had received the following GOTS certification: “GOTS is an internationally recognised standard for environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing of organic textiles. It entails very high standards for all stages in the supply chain, from the harvesting of the raw material to the finished product on your needles.”

Safety information:

Health and safety

As a caregiver we obviously ensure that your child needs to be safe and hence all play with these sensory basket needs to be supervised at all times as these objects are not toys (unless purchased from the sensory toy section). Again caregivers need to take care with babies putting things in their mouths, whilst babies explore a lot of things through taste in their mouths caregivers take the responsibility of this and you know what you would be happy for your child to experience. will not take any responsibility for children putting things into their mouths which are not suitable and also that you need to supervise your children with their play and discoveries in these baskets.

Ensure you check items regularly to ensure that they are safe and clean.

Please note some of the items in these baskets are natural items and therefore can vary slightly in size, shape and colour. Any little one enjoying these baskets should be supervised by an adult at all times, it is the responsibility of the caregiver to determine which items are suitable and age appropriate.

We advise that you check the contents of the basket regularly for signs of wear and damage and also clean the items as necessary. 

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