Scented Pillows*

The power and pure joy that the sense of smell brings to little ones led us to create a number of scented pillows so that our little ones can hold these pillows by themselves and smell these intriguing scents that they may never have smelt before. As a caregiver it is pure joy to watch their little faces as they discover the secret scent within the pillow and smell something new for the first time.

All the herbs used within these pillows are organic and inside the pillows are encased in organic muslin and surrounded with organic cotton wadding. The outer skin is made of a series of beautiful colours of organic cotton. Due to the soft, plump nature of the pillows and the beautiful colours used it also helps stimulate the senses of texture and sight.
All the pillows come in paper envelopes which can be recycled after use. These envelopes help keep the scent contained so that they retain their scents and do not mix with the scents of the other pillows.
* Please select a colour and a scent before ordering or the scent will show as "Out of Stock"
In terms of how long the scent/herbs will continue to emit smell is a variable , our organic herb supplier stated that the majority of  their herbs have a shelf life of 2-3 years if they are kept in a cool, dry place. They have also provided us with some information to help you select your herbs for your little ones.


The available scents are:

Allspice Organic
Pimenta dioica
Allspice berries derive from a tropical member of the myrtle family. It seems as though this tree couldn't quite make up its mind as to how it wanted to smell and so combined a bit of Clove with a bit of Cinnamon and a touch of Pepper.
Allspice leaves and berries have long been used as a kitchen spice and herbal remedy. Herbal medicine rarely uses it now, but aromatherapy is bringing it back to public awareness.

Anise Star Organic
Illicium verum
The highly aromatic star anise is not related to common aniseed, although the two species have a similar smell. Star Anise, a member of the magnolia family, has a sweeter and richer aroma than the common Aniseed. In western herbalism star anise is not used medicinally, but plays a role in cooking.
In China it is not only an important spice and used in the composition of the Chinese 5 spice mixture, but is also used medicinally for rheumatism, lower back pain and hernia.
Basil Organic
Ocimum basilicum
Probably originating in the East, Basil (Tulasi) is considered sacred in India, where it is grown around the temples and placed on the altars.
It is as spice that we are most familiar with it. Therapeutically it is said to calm nervous excitement and depression and may be useful in states of anxiety and insomnia.

Chamomile Organic
Matricaria recutita
Chamomile looks like an overgrown Daisy and indeed it belongs to the same family of plants.  Chamomile has been used and revered since ancient times and all the great herbalists of antiquity praise it highly.
Chamomile radiates joy, peace and simplicity.  It is a tonic for the nervous system, soothing, yet strengthening the nerves without stimulation, which has a roll-on effect on just about all the other bodily systems.Chamomile is decongestant and one of the best remedies to treat a head cold with excessive mucus and blocked up sinuses.

Cinnamon Organic
Cinnamomum zeylanicum
The sweetly fragrant Cinnamon was used as an ingredient of incense, embalming oil, consecration oil, perfume, as well as for the more mundane purpose of flavouring food and wine.
Cinnamon, the best of which comes from Sri Lanka, has a long history of use. In the traditional medicine of Sri Lanka Cinnamon is used as an astringent, tonic, stimulant and carminative.

Coriander seed organic
Coriandrum sativum
Coriander, also known as Chinese Parsley, is among the oldest known spice plants It is one of the oldest known spice plants and remains one of the most commonly used ones.The history of its use as a spice plant dates back thousands of years.
The oil contained within the seeds is strongly antibacterial. As a spice it adds its warming, aromatic flavour while gently stimulating the digestion and acting as a carminative.

Ginger Root Powder Organic
Zingiber officinale
Ginger has been used for food and medicine for so long that nobody knows exactly where it originally came from. 
Ginger is very stimulating and warming. It boosts energy levels and be used for nervous exhaustion, weakness, malaise and fatigue.
Lavender Flowers Organic
Lavandula angustifolia
Without a doubt, Lavender is one of the best known herbs, though its healing reputation is mostly due to its essential oil, which is perhaps THE most widely used essential oil in aromatherapy and cosmetics.
Lavender oil is the favourite oil of aromatherapists, as it is incredibly versatile and considered very safe. A lavender pillow helps to calm an overactive mind and can induce peaceful sleep.

Lemon Verbena Organic
Lippia citriodora
Lemon Verbena originates in Peru and Chile and was first introduced to Britain in 1784.
Lemon Verbena is refreshing, yet soothing and calming.

Peppermint Organic
Mentha piperita
Mints are sobering and clear headed herbs. Peppermint has been used for food and medicine for many millennia.
Peppermint is calming and relaxing. It soothes an agitated nervous system and dispels anxiety and fears.

Raspberry Leaves Organic
Rubus idaeus
Who doesn't love sweet Raspberries - surely, they are one of the greatest of summer's delights! The popular fruits are very fragile and don't keep well, but there is nothing like feasting on these nutrient and vitamin rich fruit. But not only the fruits are healthful - the leaves too have been used for centuries.
Though never recognised as 'official', that doesn't mean Raspberry leaves have no medicinal virtues. They are best known for their astringent and toning powers.

Rosemary Organic
Rosmarinus officinalis
Rosemary projects the energy of a stern, yet compassionate teacher. Rosemary is an herb of memory and so it has become associated with all the things and people we want to keep near and dear in our hearts. I The leathery, scented leaves look more like evergreen needles than leaves.
Rosemary stimulates the circulation, especially to the head. It is a good aid for concentration and counteracts forgetfulness, mental fatigue, headaches and stress related conditions.
Spearmint Organic
Mentha spp./M. spicata
Few herbs produce as many variants as the Mint family and each tastes, smells and acts a little bit different. Spearmint is delightful - much less harsh and pungent than the more commonly used Peppermint. This is due to the fact that it contains very little menthol. Spearmint is not as stimulating as Peppermint, which makes it also suitable for use at night and it is said to bring happy dreams and restful sleep.
Spearmint can be used much like Peppermint. It is relaxing and antispasmodic. It aids digestion and alleviates nausea.


Safety information:

Health and safety

As a caregiver we obviously ensure that your child needs to be safe and hence all play with these sensory basket needs to be supervised at all times as these objects are not toys (unless purchased from the sensory toy section). Again caregivers need to take care with babies putting things in their mouths, whilst babies explore a lot of things through taste in their mouths caregivers take the responsibility of this and you know what you would be happy for your child to experience. will not take any responsibility for children putting things into their mouths which are not suitable and also that you need to supervise your children with their play and discoveries in these baskets.

Ensure you check items regularly to ensure that they are safe and clean.

Please note some of the items in these baskets are natural items and therefore can vary slightly in size, shape and colour. Any little one enjoying these baskets should be supervised by an adult at all times, it is the responsibility of the caregiver to determine which items are suitable and age appropriate.

We advise that you check the contents of the basket regularly for signs of wear and damage and also clean the items as necessary. 


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