gg* Step to the World - Hand Crafted Wooden Memory Game


This game not only helps cognitive and memory abilities it allows your little one to begin to explore the wonderful realms or languages and opens doorways to the sensory activity of sound and articulation of languages a lovely toy that opens the doors of learning on so many different levels! 

Step to the World is a wooden memory game. Try to find the matching pairs of socks.

The right socks have national flags, country names and greetings in the original language and script. The left socks are national flags with a slightly different design.

There are also plain socks ready for your own design or national flag.

Help your child to learn with flags, countries and greetings.

Comes with a lovely eco cotton bag that is also in the shape of sock. 

Wooden socks: W73xD78xH3.5 (mm)


15 pairs of wooden socks (30 pieces)

A cotton bag


Beech veneer

Size: 140x60x250 mm

Weight: 500g


These are designed and made by the wonderful designers at Kiko & gg* as part of the gg* collection.


Why this item is ecologically sound.

These wooden socks are made from beech wood which is from a sustainable resource.

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