Wooden Spoons - Set of 3


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A wooden spoon holds is integral in a sensory basket and little people appear to come up with a variety of uses for it as they play and learn.

These 3 spoons come from sustainable beech wood and come in 3 sizes:

length: 35cm

length: 30cm

Length: 25cm

Why this item is ecologically sound.

These wooden spoons  are made from 100% Beech wood which is from a sustainable resource.

Safety information:

Health and safety

As a caregiver we obviously ensure that your child needs to be safe and hence all play with these sensory basket needs to be supervised at all times as these objects are not toys (unless purchased from the sensory toy section). Again caregivers need to take care with babies putting things in their mouths, whilst babies explore a lot of things through taste in their mouths caregivers take the responsibility of this and you know what you would be happy for your child to experience. Hollyandjoe.co.uk will not take any responsibility for children putting things into their mouths which are not suitable and also that you need to supervise your children with their play and discoveries in these baskets.

Ensure you check items regularly to ensure that they are safe and clean.

Please note some of the items in these baskets are natural items and therefore can vary slightly in size, shape and colour. Any little one enjoying these baskets should be supervised by an adult at all times, it is the responsibility of the caregiver to determine which items are suitable and age appropriate.

We advise that you check the contents of the basket regularly for signs of wear and damage and also clean the items as necessary. 

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