Build your own basket

This section allows you to create your own sensory basket out of all the multi-sensory and music items so that you can meet the needs of your little people.

Step 1. Select your basket or bag.

Step 2. Add the items you want from the different categories Scent, Sound and Texture.

Step 3. If you spend £35 or more in the Build Your Own Basket section then a 15% discount will be applied prior to checkout.

*Please note this discount does not apply to pre-made baskets or items from the Sensory Toys section.



Build your own basket
93 results
Burnt Mango Wood Hanging Decorations - Star
Painted Bamboo Rainstick
Painted Egg Shaker
Painted Ocarina
Pastry Brush 29cm
Pestle and Mortar
Pine Cones
Pine Cones
From £1.00
Raffia Fruit
Raffia Fruit
Rainbow Felt Ball Coaster
Rotating Handle Mini Rolling Pin
Safix scrub pad
Sappan Seed Shaker
Scented Pillows*
Scissor Salad Servers
Sonaja Shakers
Tambourine Shaker - 2 sets of jingles - wooden handle
Tambourine Shaker - Fish Shape
Whole Slit Green Orange
Whole Slit Orange
Bamboo Bird Whistle
Wooden Chapati Roller
Wooden Cowbell
Wooden Cowbell
Wooden Dish Head Brush
Wooden Eggs
Wooden Eggs
Wooden Scoop
Wooden Scoop
From £2.00
Wooden Spoon - 25cm
Wooden Spoon - 30cm
Wooden Spoon - 35cm
Wooden Spoons - Set of 3
Burnt Mango Wood Hanging Decorations - Heart
Bamboo Toothbrush Kids
Coconut Fiber Scrub
Wooden Smooth Pebble
Stone Heart Pebble Rainbow
Palewa Sentiment Pebble - Turquoise - Love
Palewa Sentiment Pebble - Red - Happiness
93 results
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