Smell is a sense that often gets forgotten about in a play environment and yet from research and our own experience with smells it is such a powerful sense. For example we can all recall a memory or experience where a certain smell has reminded us of a situation or certain person and then has flooded our mind with wonderful rich memories. Even though our little people cannot yet verbally articulate how they are feeling, watching them interact with the scents and express a different range of emotions across their faces when they are smelling different scents is just magical!

All of our items stimulate the sense of sight too and we have in some of these items injected some bright colours to stimulate your child's imagination and creativity. 

The doors to the world of sensory play are opening, let your little one feel, see, hear and smell their way into the senses of the earth…

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Bamboo baskets
Bamboo baskets
From £5.00
Raffia Baskets - Medium (Red, Blue, Orange, White)
Raffia Baskets - Large Basket (Fuscia, Blue, Orange, Lemon)
Organic cotton bag
Orange Slice
Orange Slice
Olive Wood Pierced Spatula
Olive wood Spoon
Whole Slit Green Orange
Whole Slit Orange
Cinnamon bundle
Olive Wood Scoop
Christmas Scent Pillows
Trio of mini sensory baskets - Earth
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