Lanco - 100% Natural Rubber Sensory Shapes (5)


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These natural rubber shapes are made from the Hevea tree and are harvested sustainably. The moulded latex is hand painted with non toxic food dyes.

This is a great set for your little one to feel and squeeze and to also learn about shapes and colours. When squeezed it has a gentle squeak. It is great for exploring textures and has been reported to be useful for those with ADD/ADHD/Autism and sensory disorders.

This is made handmade from 100% natural rubber from the Hevea tree and is painted using food grade dyes, no PVC, phthalates, no plastic, BPA free.


This is a handmade toy, colour variations may occur between batches.


Only 100% Natural Rubber! The Hevea tree is the natural source of the material used to create these delightful toys. The rubber tree is harvested sustainably without the use of pesticides.  The bark of the tree is tapped by making small slits in the bark so the white sap known as latex drips out and is caught in collecting cups. Natural rubber is safe, non-toxic, free from PVC and BPA and is biodegradable. The moulded latex is hand painted with non-toxic food grade paints


Lanco toys are made from 100% natural rubber, handmade and painted with food grade dyes.  No PVC.  Perfect for children to play with and safe for teething babies to chew on.  Lightweight, durable, flexible, soft and some great fun and colourful designs that kids just love.  Touch, sight, smell and taste, stimulate their senses.


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