Lanco - Natural Rubber Play Food/Fruit


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This set of five fruits are all handmade with 100% natural rubber latex from the Hevea tree. They are painted with bright and non-toxic food-grade colours that are completely safe for babies and children and free from PVC, phtalates and nitrosamine. Each piece is fully moulded without squeakers or holes and contain no plastic..


The set includes an orange, pear, apple, two attached bananas and a bunch of grapes. This fruit set appeals to all ages with babies mouthing and chewing these sensory toys and little people will enjoy all the imaginative play such as kitchen play with these items. The fruits  have a lovely texture and are light with soft edges making them easy for little hands to hold and feel. Some of the more rounded items can also be used as sensory balls and can help coordination and motor skills. They have also been noted to be beneficial for adults and children with autism, ADHD, ADD and sensory disorders.

The orange is 8cm tall and the banana is 12.5cm and all are suitable from birth.


*Clean by hand with soapy water - do not sterilise.

As a hand-made toy, there may be colour variations between batches.

Lanco toys are made from 100% natural rubber, handmade and painted with food grade dyes.  No PVC.  Perfect for children to play with and safe for teething babies to chew on.  Lightweight, durable, flexible, soft and some great fun and colourful designs that kids just love.  Touch, sight, smell and taste, stimulate their senses.
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