Olive wood Spoon


These spoons are crafted from Olive wood giving them their unique appearance and light aroma (like olive oil!). No two spoons are the same owing to the natural marbling effect and they are visually quite stunning and a feast for the eyes and hands of little people. The finish is very smooth and pleasant to the touch, perfect for little ones to experiment with. You may even want a spare one for your kitchen

Size 15cm


*please note that each olive wood utensil is unique so will not be identical to those pictured.

Why this product is ecological sound.

All the Olive wood used in these products is from sustainable grown trees, our suppliers inform us that the wood of the tree is only used once the tree no longer produces olives. They also informed us that for every tree from which they use the wood that plant another tree in its place. They state that “ olive wood is hard and durable ….. In addition olive wood has antibacterial properties which means that bacteria cannot penetrate the wood. Our olive wood working process is strictly ethical and chemical free”.

Safety information:

Health and safety

As a caregiver we obviously ensure that your child needs to be safe and hence all play with these sensory basket needs to be supervised at all times as these objects are not toys (unless purchased from the sensory toy section). Again caregivers need to take care with babies putting things in their mouths, whilst babies explore a lot of things through taste in their mouths caregivers take the responsibility of this and you know what you would be happy for your child to experience. Hollyandjoe.co.uk will not take any responsibility for children putting things into their mouths which are not suitable and also that you need to supervise your children with their play and discoveries in these baskets.

Ensure you check items regularly to ensure that they are safe and clean.

Please note some of the items in these baskets are natural items and therefore can vary slightly in size, shape and colour. Any little one enjoying these baskets should be supervised by an adult at all times, it is the responsibility of the caregiver to determine which items are suitable and age appropriate.

We advise that you check the contents of the basket regularly for signs of wear and damage and also clean the items as necessary. 

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